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George Mounce
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I wouldn't use lard. =)

Don't cut the fat (GOOD FATS!). While fat is 30% it isn't huge in actual quantity. 1 block of olive oil = 1/3 of a tsp.

I defer to others on the forum on what your block amount should be over the course of the day. I disagree with what the Zone uses in its calculator. According to it I need 21. I live very well on 17 (M/29/5'11"/179#) I am guessing at your optimum weight being 6'1" you would be a 20 or 21. I was 198 when I started CrossFit and have kept to 17 blocks, never felt tired and am still going strong.

If you have MS Excel use my tool I made to help you out with blocks, you can find it in the thread (W/FS):
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