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Re: paleo "change your life in 30 days"

Greetings all!
Tomorrow is Day 1 of a 6 Week Weight Loss Challenge at my local affiliate - BGI South in West Palm Beach. We did another 6 week challenge a few months ago and I went strict Paleo for it. Then my husband and I went on vacation for a few weeks (not horrible food-wise but a lot of booze!). Then it was holiday time. So this challenge can't come at a better time for me!
I've been crossfitting since March, 2009 and have seen some great results. I lost 35 pounds (found 7 of them over the holidays!). I want to lose another 25lbs and then see how I look/feel. I am already at just about my lightest adult weight so the next 5-25 will be quite a change for me.
Well, here's to a happy, healthy, gluten free new year!!
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