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Double overhand holds on an olympic bar will help a lot (just pick it up off a rack and hold), work up to around 400 and you'll have a pretty good grip (I shouldn't have to mention no straps or hook grip!). COC grippers will help a lot, because they transfer to almost all other aspects of grip. Just to give a comparison, I as doing 12 reps on a #3 and was pulling north of 500 with a double overhand grip. IMO the best exercise you can do is thick bar work. Make a thick handled barbell out of pipe (1.5'' pipe will make a 1.9'' OD bar) and weld or bolt on some collars. Use this bar for pulling movements like rows, deadlifts and cleans. It's good for curls and reverse curls as well- Here's a good example of thickbar in action (Work&family safe)
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