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Re: CFSB - Ask your questions here!

Originally Posted by Jeff Belyeu View Post
Since you mentioned running.... I think the CFSB program sounds great and I started it Monday. I am trying to teach myself pose method running with vibram five fingers. I have started with a few short runs around my neighborhood, mixing in running at moderate pace and walking to either catch my breath or just keep fresh and maintain (hopefully) good form. I don't think it would be a big tax on the system, but since rest is stressed in this program, I am unsure on when/where to work on this. Would this be fine as active rest? Should I used this in place of one of the skill work times, or one of the metcons? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Jeff B - at the stage you're in I would treat your POSE running as skill work. Also, nothing stopping you from doing run based metcons. Keep them short and sharp though.

Originally Posted by Jeff Power View Post
Thanks for that, any thoughts on 5 on 2 off schedule to correspond to a work week? And could I sub in a power clean/push press instead of front squats to get more upper body work?

Jeff P - I discussed a 5 day cycle in the other thread. For me I'd ditch the ME Back Squats and do High rep BS on Monday, take Wednesday off, Thurs ME Front squats and Fri Press. Lots of short sharp metcons. Your dead and squat are good but not immense for a big unit- I really think you would be better served by sticking with the ME basics and working things like your PC and PP in your metcons.

Once again, the program is a template. If you think your goals would be better served by tweaking it a little then go for it. Just don't blame the program for not producing results if you don't do the program.

Cheers, kempie
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