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Re: AC Joint Advice

Well, with things like this I don't wanna tell you I can "guarantee" a fast recovery because, in all honesty, what do I know?

BUT, I did extensive research before deciding to had the surgery done, and that's what I found out. Do your own research so you convince yourself of what's best for you. Pretty much everyone who had it done was glad they had it done.

Seriously, I was doing burpees 7 or 8 weeks after surgery. and I had a bit of bone removed from both bones where they meet, and like I said, open surgery that left a 2.5" scar, and it's supossed to be slower recovery like this, maybe you can get arthroscopy?

The first few days are a pain in the arse, and hurts if you try to move your arm (use those muscles that were just detached/attached from the shoulder... just thinking about it makes me feel weird, lol). I went to therapy 10 days (monday-friday for two weeks) and then kept doing band stuff and tiny weights (lucky me I have 1.25 and 2.5 pound plates). Some exercises hurt, at first, but with time they stopped hurting, so I just figured I was fine.

I'm telling you, my surgery was late May, I was setting PR's in dumbell press and push press months ago, before I screwed up my other shoulder.
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