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Re: DIY Plate Tree/Rack

I also found this thread: (wfs)
I had a spare 16' 2x4 and 36 3.5" 1/4" lag screws and an hour to kill.. so I made this to replace my crappy homebrew weight tree 'cause I had to constantly take plates on and off to get to the ones I wanted. Now any size is immediately available. Total cost about USD$15. Compare to professional versions (which are very nice, don't get me wrong!) that cost upwards of USD$200 plus shipping. yeah, I know this one doesn't exactly take a Bob Vila to build, but it sure beats traditional trees and was very simple to throw together (no drawings, just guestimated and eyeballed everything, and is rock solid).
2x6 $6
plumbing floor flange $3
4" threaded pipe with end cap $3
not paying $200 for wall plate tree - priceless
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