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DIY Plate Tree/Rack

I need to build a plate tree or rack to get my plates off the floor. Does anyone have any good suggestions? I found these:
Wooden Weight Tree
This is made from just 2◊4ís and a piece of wooden closet rod, hammered into holes. You could use pipe if you donít have a rod to cut up. With weights set on top where those nickels are, you can put your chain through them and walk up to it and hook them to your belt at waist height. Very convenient. (wfs)

Homemade weight tree (4 x 4 post, 4: 2 x 4 for base, drill holes through post insert iron pipe. 2 holes = for areas to hang weights: 20 (wfs)

Yes, those are actually plastic weights. Can't afford an Oly. set so I'm using whatever I can get my hands on for now. I've got the rack attached to a Tele-Post with hose clamps. If that doesn't prove strong enough I'll make some proper brackets. (wfs)

Or perhaps something like this out of 2x4's and pipes or dowels: (wfs)
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