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Re: Helen Wheels

Originally Posted by Stephen R. Lampl View Post
As for a medicine ball, I just got a chance to work out at an affiliate and am going to buy one and perhaps some other goodies (pair of rings, maybe, if I can find one, a used C2 rower. I LOVE those things!).
Yeah, i love the rowers too. I'm going to try to get one after i move if i have enough space.

Originally Posted by Stephen R. Lampl View Post
Sounds like you had a great experience! It is wonderful to be able to do things you enjoy and share with others! Nice WO, by the way!!!
Yes it is awesome to share! Especially when people are just as excited as you are! I think sometimes I'm happier when my client has a PR than they are!

Todays WOD (after 9 holes of golf) was my first attempt at Angie:

30 Pull-ups -- I tried jumping pull-ups but my bar at home isn't high enough so it ended up being more of a cardio & leg workout.
30 Push-ups -- Top of the stairs.
30 Sit-ups -- Bent knees w/towel under back seems harder than roll-ups.
30 Squats -- These were the easiest.

Total time: 10 minutes 15 seconds

When I was done i did 5 pull-ups with only my toes on the floor.

Now its time for paperwork and wine.
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