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Re: Helen Wheels

Originally Posted by Stephen R. Lampl View Post
I tore all but one of the quad tendons in my R/knee a year and a half ago when I slipped and fell. Initial rehab went very well. I got most of my strength and all of my flexibility back, but since then, apparently scar tissue and/or possible joint degeneration has set in. I'm going thru another course of "physical tyrrany" right now and we'll re-evaluate the knee in about a week or so. The PT wants me to avoid knee bending/weight bearing stuff (e.g., squats) right now. So I'm doing some stuff (running uphill or with a T-mill elevated slightly is OK), including PPs and stiff-legged DLs. Wish we had wall balls @ my globo......have to settle for Kbs (which are always locked up) or Db swings. Oh well...........I'm making do and having fun!

Thanks for the support and well-wishes!
Wow, what a time for you to start crossfitting! Must be tough to scale. No medicine balls at your globo? Thats what i use. I also bought a golf "impact bag" for $20 to use at home. I filled it with a few light weights and a ton of towels. I throw it at a tree in my back yard. If KB swings are ok with your PT they work the quads great too. Sounds like you're doing everything you can right now.
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