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Re: Helen Wheels

Yesterday I took a rest day and played golf. It was a nice day out and i really wanted a beer when i was done playing. OK, so I had more than 1 beer. Anyway, today I made up Lizzy (Puppy Elizabeth):

Dumbbell cleans
Bar Dips
If you canít do do bar dips do 1.5X the number bench dips.

So, i did the DB Cleans with 8lb dumbells and focused on squat form and depth since this was the first time i've done DB Cleans. I did the dips on the total gym:
-- 21 DB Squat Cleans
-- 32 Dips (broken 2 sets of 16)
-- 15 DB Squat Cleans
-- 23 Dips (broken 13/10)
-- 9 DB Squat Cleans
-- 14 Dips

16:30 Time total including small break between sets

I couldn't find any great reliable documentation on form for DB Cleans so i expiremented somewhat. I found the best for me was to place the dumbells on the floor between my legs (long legs, short arms & torso), start position with a deadlift stance, squat clean (touching butt to stool at proper height) and up. I started touching the dumbells to outside my legs and it didn't let my knees go out over my toes. Also I started by touching my butt to the stool at the start position, but then realized that the beginning of a barbell clean is in a deadlift stance so i assumed the DB Clean should be as well.

I'll do some research tomorrow to see if i can find any better sources on form. All i know is my quads got a h3ll of a workout so i did a good job.
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