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Re: Working out late

Originally Posted by Frank E Morel View Post
I truly hope that your not working a 16 hour day at the benefit of your employer.

Like most people that already stated, working out late does screw up your sleep. Your work out will result in your metabolism elevated, your adrenaline levels elevated both of which results is Heart rate and Blood pressure are also raised. All coupled together amounts to a higher body temperature and that triggers the brain to wake up. A lower body temperature signals the brain to start shutting down for sleep.

If your going to work out later, then allow some down time before you crawl into bed.

Going to bed on a full stomach could lead you down the road of giving yourself gastric reflux disease. As your metabolism is slow and low while sleeping , stomach emptying time is longer. That means more digestive acid in your stomach.
Thanks, Frank - and no, what I have most evenings is ministry so different than day stuff (ministry, too, but different) which just makes for long days out. I'm learning to take a days worth of meals with me everywhere! LOL

Thanks for the concise summary of what happens. That is exactly what I need to get fixed in my mind, thanks. Also, changed my schedule to put rest days on heavy ministry days and that should help.

Originally Posted by Thomas Bailly View Post
late workout for me means restless night....okif I can take a nap next day.
Good point, Thomas - I could plan in a nap after short/late nights. Thanks!
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