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Re: Working out late

Generally speaking I like to workout late at night, after all my classes are finished and I've done my homework. When I'm doing 2-a-days I may do early morning and late evening, or if that is not convenient I will do late afternoon and late evening.

I've found that late evening is a perfect time for a workout. It helps me really focus on the WOD, knowing that everything else is essentially finished for the day.

It may/may not be surprising that the only days I usually have trouble falling asleep are rest days. Unless I had a beatdown down the day before (which is quite possible), I usually have quite a bit of energy and usually have to stay up past my usual bedtime to be able to fall asleep. On regular days, I always put everything I have into a WOD, especially on 2-a-days, so falling asleep within an hour or two of finishing a WOD is very easy for me. I usually eat a medium-sized meal before bed too, and this makes me sleep even better. Most people would balk at the idea of exercise and a meal before bed but it's what's worked best for me for a while.
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