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Re: Too much legs?

Originally Posted by Erik Skaer View Post
is this too much work for the legs to recover from?

I couldn't do much for my upper body after shoulder surgery, and had good luck with 3x5 M & F and either a lighter 1x5 or front squats (took me awhile to be able to do them) on W. 2-3 runs a week, from sprints to 3 miles. I think 15 heavy sets is a bit much, but it depends on your strength and recovery, so you'll have to be the judge.

I'd also suggest ramping up your warmup sets, not just doing 1x10 and jumping into heavy sets. For example, my squat workout from Monday: bike 1/2 mile / BS: 45x8,8 / 135x5 / 225x3 / 315x2 / 365x5,5,5.
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