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Re: The Zone - Cut the fat when trying to shed it?

I'll look at those articles when I am able, but before then these posts made me think of a few things that I've learned in my research:
we don't ferment things in our stomach.
Different fats are digested in different ways (for example the MCTs in coconut oil do not require bile for digestion like the other fats do).
If fats are truly not broken down in the GI tract they will exit in the stool and the stool will be fatty.
Lard from properly raised pigs (difficult to acquire certainly) is 60%monounsaturated fat (as in the Zone's beloved olive oil) and it is an excellent source of Vitamins A and D.
Saturated fats are not exactly killers. Even the most mainstream, conventional public health studies like Framingham do not show that. In fact the director of that study is on record as saying there is not a relationship between intake of dietary saturated fat and cholesterol and development of cardiovascular disease. Our body dismantles the polyunsaturates we eat and makes stearic and palmitic acids (saturated fats) if it must because our body requires them for many functions.
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