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Re: Platforms questions???

I got ahold of some 3/4 treated plywood for free on Craigslist, so I'm going through the pain of building my platform soon. Pain because I have to put it outside (I have no garage, a gravel driveway, and a basement ceiling that is too low to lift overhead) and I have NO level ground, my whole backyard slopes all over. I have a brick patio, but it's kinda wavy.

Any suggestions? Do any of you guys have to keep yours outside?

Putting the platorm together is cake. The leveling part is gonna suck....I really don't want to have to put posts in the ground and build it up.....then I have to find a way to protect it from the elements....groan. On the upside, I got a sweet squat rack for $75 on Craigslist, and the dude drove 45 minutes to deliver it to me at no cost!

Sorry to jump into this thread, I just didn't want to post an extremely similar topic and get directed right back here.
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