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I'm taking a creative writing class this year and one of our assignments was to come up with our own holiday and present it in any matter that we chose to. Well, being a fitness junkie I came up with Renegade Weekends, in which the first weekend of each month, you get togather with a bunch of buddies, workout until you puke, than spend the rest of the day lounging around, watching movies, and eating anything you want. I presented my project via powerpoint using pics from crossfit.

Well, I just found out that Crosfit North has something called Suffer on Saturdays. I'm sorry for replicating the idea, but I honestly didn't know about Suffer on Saturdays.

Anyways, I want to slowly make this a reality for myself. My friends are all wussies. Half of them don't even play any sports. So, if anyone is interested in hooking for a monthly workout, and live in NHP, or near NHP, give me an email. If you live in NHP, OR LIVE Near NHP, you know what NHP is, so I won't give anymore details.

Maybe I'll ask my Sensei if he can open up the dojo on a Sunday and we'll do a crossfit workout.

He had even proposed an idea known as Midnight Workouts, where we begin training at Midnight, than keep continuing until morning.
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