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I just had an interesting realization about Clubbells. There is a movement called the armpit cast, which is almost exactly like a standing front flip. Okay, you don't actually jump, but it strengthens the setting movement that you use for the standing front. And this is the most important part in my experience.
To cast, you start with the club in front of you, elbow at hip, clubbell pointing straight up. From here, you guide the tip of the clubbell over your shoulder and the rest of the club follows. You end up in a back scratching position (although I don't recommend scratching your back with a clubbell). To initiate the cast, you powerfully curl your chest forward and pull your hands back to the starting position.
I have been working on standing fronts quite a bit lately and have found the similarities to be quite striking. The main similarity is that you do not fold at the waist and lower your chest. Instead, you lift up while curling your chest forward. In the front flip this gives you rotation without compromising height.
I plan to train this movement much more regularly.
I will report back in a few weeks with my results. It should be an interesting experiment.
One thing that I did not say in my post above is that there is a lot of depth to Clubbell training and a huge variety of movements that can be done. Last week, all I had were my clubbells because I had just moved into my apartment and couldn't fit my kettlebells into the car. It gave me a chance to focus on clubbells for a while and I have to say that I am really digging the clubbells once again. I was very enthusiastic when I started them, but then I had a case of pneumonia, recovered, got into gymnastics, etc. I sort of put the CBs on the backburner. It will be interesting to see how things work out and I really want to nail that standing front.
Another good exercise for training this movement would be forward throwing a medicine ball from overhead. However, I don't have a medicine ball or a place to throw them.

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