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Re: What do you think of Functional Patterns...?

Originally Posted by Andrew Bell View Post
Far too long of a video to make a somewhat valid point. Not a huge point, but just a very small one. Stop harping, start helping.
Yeah, I agree. I just watched the video - the guy makes a little bit of sense, but at the same time, takes a REALLY long time time to get to those points, all the while using a lot of fluff-words and absolutely no data to support his claims.

For example, he states something about how the transverse abdominus is "the fundamental element that will create efficient movement in the human body", but only supports that by saying that there's "a lot of support out there" for this statement. I'm not saying that is or isn't true, but I'm sure not going to take the word of one guy, who's niche-type fitness program has a handful of followers, compared to the juggernaut that is Crossfit. At least not without scientific data.
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