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Re: What do you think of Functional Patterns...?

I think the video offers 2 valid criticisms, outside of that a lot of empty information.

Crits being:
1.) Lack of rotational movements
2.) Lack of ofset or unbalanced movements

I'm also a little critical of their use of a swiss ball on his site. He has some vids where he is exercising while using the swiss ball as a base. I'm in the camp that if a joint is unstable, to protect itself your muscles won't be able to generate as much force. Hence you are better off training on a stable surface so your muscles can properly generate force.

I think some swiss ball work is ok to work the "core." But don't make it a staple to replace key movements.

Now being a jerk, how do these guys handle key CrossFit WODs. Can they blast through them since they're functional patterns are so efficient?

Like a lot of stuff out there, some good ideas and some empty ideas. Take what works for you and discard the rest.
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