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What do you think of Functional Patterns...?

I wanted to get the opinion of Crossfitters regarding this site and the owner's view on functional training.

I came across him a while back, and thought he was a grade A jerk, so I blew him off. (WSF) Recently, I 've found myself following a lot of his advice and work but the arrogance of Naudi is sometimes unbearable!!

I have had a few "encounters" with him via messages where we go back and forth about training regimens. In short, I told him that he was knowledgeable but that badmouthing anything that was not "his" training method was unprofessional and unwanted.....I noted that a few of his workouts contradicted his philosophies and he never responded.

Anyhow, just curious what you all think because he says that CrossFit is useless, dangerous and does not yield results.... (WSF)

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