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Re: Balancing CF and Work and Family Help

About the timing and 'making time' for workouts... I go first thing in the morning. It leaves the rest of the day open to do everything else. If its going to cut into your 6 hours of sleep, don't, but if you can get to bed an hour earlier, and get up an hour earlier and get in your workout first thing, you might find that satisfying.

As far as ANY supplement, the prices vary wildly. I had a 20% off coupon to GNC. I've never been big into supplements - but I like BSN syntha-6 because it tastes good, mixes easy, and always has good reviews. It had been a LONG time since I bought any so I went with my coupon to pick some up. After checking amazon, even with the coupon, I was still paying over TWICE what I could get it for from Amazon, so on the shelf it stayed. So if something seems crazy expensive, shop around.
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