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Question Balancing CF and Work and Family Help

There isn't a lot of chatter from women on here to compare training with and get tips from, so I thought I'd start this topic and see how many of you guys or gals could help me out.

I'm new to Crossfit, but know my way around the community I guess. I own a business that requires a lot of hands on time, so I work from 7-8 hours a day just like a normal job. The few perks being, I own it and if it's quiet or I'm caught up, I go. The business helps me give my 3 kids a pretty decent life and I love it, but it is a really stressful job at times, and home life can get stressful too.

As I said though, I am a mom. 3 boys They aren't your stay at home kids either. We spend many a night on a baseball or football field, or a ball court.

I have to find time to train. I'm almost 32, and don't want to be an elite athlete or anything, but Crossfit is amazing and by far the best fitness sport I've ever had the luck of finding. Oly lifts are my favorite, and my Bella bar is my baby

Sometimes I train at 8pm at night. I like to train early on weekends, before kids are all up and running around, but week nights have to be fit in when I can. Any where from 3:30 to 8 when I can do it.

I train in my garage and a typical session almost always includes
-20 min warm-up with Burgener Warmup behind it. 1x PVC 1xBella bar
- I'm working towards Double Unders and spend 5 mins on jump room
- Skill: Then I move to strict pull up progression. (I got my 1st strict tonight!) only one, but hey! I'm following a progression template by Chris Stroud and it's amazing! I went from never getting one in my life to unassisted strict tonight in like 4 weeks.
- strength is next it varies, I don't follow a set guide, but have a fellow CF Lvl 1 writing my programs for me while I learn it and they get time coaching. We mainly talk during email about progress.
- then WOD whatever it may be.
- I'm bad about not doing a cool down, b/c house work and kids needing to have supper and all that. Lol.

3 days on 1 off is my norm. 80% paleo diet, and I don't need to loose weight, but I don't want to gain fat either! I have a lot of trouble with trying to count calories, even when I shouldn't.

I have felt awful these last few weeks and gym time is showing it. I can't get the recovery time I need and am wondering if I'm doing to much for my busy schedule. I tend to go without rest, rather than miss a training day. It bothers me that I'm so obsessive some days, but when I PR, then I'm like this is why I obsess over it!

Can someone pls provide me with info for a woman like me? I look better and am stronger than ever, but I know I can do more, if I just knew what to do.

Multivitamins and protien shakes aren't cutting it and no one really focuses on the "moms" that train, unless they are games athletes. I'm getting so tired of hearing rest, rest, rest when I CANT sleep 10 hours a night. I'm lucky to get 6.

Thought about Progenixs, or BSN but they are crazy high. Any ideas on this fatigue and supplements? I'm not wanting them b/c I'm lazy about nutrition. I cook my meals and carry lunch almost every day, but I want to see tricks to be better?

Sorry this turned into a novel
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