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What muscle injury is this?

I try to keep my workouts pretty basic, my main exercises are:
bench, pullups with weight, shoulder press, squat, deadlift, dips with weights.
The weights for dips and pullups range from 45lbs up to 110lbs, depending on reps.

I sometimes get pain in my left - lower rear delt/upper tricep/armpit area.
Its right at the connection point (I assume) of the tricep/lower rear delt and armpit area.
For instance if Im standing with my back towards you with my arms at my
side, its basically a little to the side of where my armpit is on the tricep.

The pain happens at the begining of the pullup motion to the midpoint of the pullup.
Also when I do rows.
Now it hurts even when I do pullups with no weight.
It also hurts if I raise my arms backwards (opposite of front raise)

What could be causing the pain? What muscle is injuried?

Its strange, it hurts on the rear area (triceps) but it only hurts when Im doing pulling motions, which I would think hits the biceps.

No pain during pushing motions (bench, should press)

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