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Oh thank goodness!

My lovely wife was out and about with our daughter this weekend and went by Peet's to get some tea. I ended up getting a phone call that started out really cryptic like.

" were looking for an espresso machine by Ga...Gagg...Gaggia, right?"


"Have you heard of the Gaggia Classic?"

"Uhm, yeah...they're pretty good machines from what I've heard"

"Is $130 a good price for a new one?"

"That would be a really good price......why?"

"No reason"

hmmm. So later that day she comes home and gets a phone call, I see her getting her wallet and then a credit card. I didn't even have to break her down, she ended up telling me that she found a display model Gaggia Classic at Peet's and bought it for my birthday (still a month away).

I have been on a major espresso kick and have been trying to figure out how to buy my own machine. Hot diggity...this morning I woke up and fired up the new machine and made my first decent cup of espresso. Time for the WOD!

Lame post, but just had to express my excitement. I'll likely never sleep again.

"What? Dishes need to be done?....sure, no problem...let me get a shop of espresso first!"
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