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Welcome aboard!

Can't speak directly to your injuries, but the general consensus here is that intelligent exercise and movement will "cure" (or, at least, vastly relieve) the majority of conditions where doctors tell you "don't ever do X again".

In particular, DLs for back pain make a lot of sense to me. Do it with *perfect* form, and don't use more weight than you can handle (with perfect form), but yes, do them. They will do you a world of good. One of our moderators, David Werner, has significantly improved a torn-up back with CrossFit, kettlebells, and, I'm pretty sure, deadlifts.

The bench press thing I know less about . . . we don't do a whole lot of benching in CrossFit (much more lifting things overhead). However, it wouldn't surprise me if a similar phenomenon could occur around those joints. But I would want to make very sure I had exactly the same issue going on before I took an osteoporosis medicine. The drug your friend got was probably Actonel or Fosamax; those are reasonably serious drugs with reasonably serious side effects. I would want to be absolutely certain that my issue was exactly the same as my friend's before I would consider them. Joint stabilization work makes sense to do first.

Finally, creatine elicits a wide range of opinion around here (use the search function). Some swear by it, others at it. Doesn't seem to really harm anyone, though, and there's a lot of evidence that it could help.

Hopefully, others will chime in here, too.

Again, welcome aboard.
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