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Level 3 (CCFT) Test

I posted this is one of the forums with lots of traffic. Over 640 views and zero comments. So I will give it a try here hoping for more luck:

I'm close to satisfying the coaching hours requirement needed to qualify to take the new Level 3--CrossFit Certified Trainer (CCFT) test. This morning I did a search for trainers and see there are not too many out there yet--less than 150 total and quite a large percentage appear to be members of the CrossFit HQ staff.

I've started reviewing the materials CrossFit has provided, which are quite voluminous. Here is a link:

It appears to me this test will be quite difficult based on the volume of material in the handbook, the difficulty of the Level 1 test, and the difficulty of portions of the CrossFit Online Judges' Course (those who take it each year know what I'm talking about--judging movement in real time on video is no joke).

Anyone taken this test yet? What are your perceptions about difficulty level? How long did it take for your to go through the application process before you were cleared to take the test?

I appreciate any info you can provide. I'd like to take the test once I comfortably pass the hours requirement, but am trying to gauge just how much studying I will need to do and whether I might want to go get a few other courses under my belt first (in particular the weightlifting and gymnastics courses which I tend think will be helpful in gaining the level of knowledge necessary to pass the CCFT test).
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