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Re: Best S&C Exercises for Boxing

Originally Posted by Paul Elliott-Smith View Post
In your opinion what are the best exercises for S&C training for boxers?
I boxed for a couple years. Not competitive, but trained 3-5 days a week for close to four years and did a lot of sparring.

Besides the obvious (bag work, mitt work, running, jumping rope) one thing I did that a lot my partners didn't was spend a good amount of time drilling footwork and movement.

Basically, I'd use an open space or ring and move/shadowbox for 15-20 minutes and really focus on lateral and backwards movement and while keeping on my toes and dragging my feet.

Not very sexy or exciting, but I definitely felt I had an advanatage in sparring. A lot of guys tend to drill too much on the bag, or on the mitts without considering the amount of real estate that is available in the ring, and how to move properly and efficiently.
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