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Re: Best S&C Exercises for Boxing

I'm not trying to name drop here but I am friends with a S&C boxing coach. Been to his house, on my phone, eats dinner at my mom's, calls us family, my father is at his house whenever he wants, known him for 25+yrs sort of thing.

Specifically he is Pacquiao's S&C coach and I've been with him in Wild Card Gym in L.A. when others aren't normally allowed watching him do his work.

The short answer is...he does boxing stuff. He isn't an acquaintance. He is a family friend so he has shared what I thought was "special stuff" since he is now all high society in the boxing S&C world - I mean, Manny - cmon..

Jump rope, morning runs, mitt work, bag work, maintain ab/core strength, shoulder stability, footwork, etc.

If it would jeapordize and doesn't directly help with a multi million dollar fighter then it isn't used. Now, if you mean general boxing, hobby, amateur, then I'm sure you can do more. They sure as hell aren't training like Froning though. No need for AMRAP HSPUs and high rep Hang Cleans in their world.
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