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Re: Best S&C Exercises for Boxing

I'm interested to know if the question was directed towards what a typical, standard boxing workout routine would be--the type that a boxing trainer would have you go through--or whether the question was about which type of Xfit or non-traditional training he thinks should be added to those types of workouts.

I think the reality is that boxing S&C at most boxing gyms is still going to be very "old school". Besides maybe track and field, I can't imagine many sports still train as similarly as they did 100 years ago as boxers often do. Go into a boxing gym or watch any HBO training documentary like 24/7 and you generally see the same stuff--jumping rope, hitting the speed bag, hitting mits, swinging an axe/bat/sledghammer, ab and neck strength training, jogging, etc.--that has always been a part of boxing training.

I know some boxers hire outside S&C trainers and have tried to incorporate "modern" S&C into their workouts, but there aren't enough of them--or they don't stick with a routine for long enough--to have created a paradigm shift. TBH, I am skeptical when I hear that a boxer is hiring some hired gun to make him dramatically stronger or to help him change his weight in a short time frame as I think it's often a cover for PEDs more than a real change in routine.
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