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Talking Lost 40 lbs Now Looking to Maintain and Get Lean!

Cross Fit has been amazing - i am in the best shape of my life.

I started Cross Fit in Sept 08 at 260 lbs. I have now lost 40lbs and am at my goal weight of 220. I am 35 years at 6-2. I feel great and want to maintain my weight but convert the remaining fat reserves into muscle to create a lean muscular physique.

My current diet is about 1,700 calories a day with about a 1:1 protein to carb ratio. Sugar intake is low and fiber intake is about 12 grams a day average.

I am considering starting a supplement routine as well as changing my diet to achieve the results I'm looking for but really don't know what it should look like.

Any information and comments are welcome and needed.

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