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Re: Building a dummy for drag/fireman's carry etc...

Originally Posted by Jon Cross View Post
I had thought about that- using a large sea bag or grain sack that would be the same weight, or even using my heavy bag that is sitting unused right now (no room for a punching bag in the new house). I am hoping to work out something that will more closely duplicate a human body to simply recreate the Combat Fitness Test as realistically as possible, and the same for running range drills involving a carry-handle drag. If I can't figure out an easy and cheap way to put something together I will probably just go with a single large bag, but I'd like to mimic our test as closely as I can.
Can I be brutally honest?

Why waste (what seems would be a lot of) time and money creating a piece of equipment that would provide little extra advantage over what you already have. You could spend that time lifting, dragging and carrying your heavy bag or a heavier sandbag (which literally would take very little time to put together),

I'm not trying to be rude, just saving you some time that could be spent more productively
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