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Jon Cross
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Building a dummy for drag/fireman's carry etc...

I'm looking to assemble a dummy for range training as well as performing practice workouts of the Marine Corps' new CFT. It would need to be sturdy, able to be tossed around, and roughly 180-200 pounds. Has anyone here tried to assemble something similar?
I'm currently thinking of making a "skeleton" of foam tubes that are sold as kids pool toys. From there I would add sand bags for a torso, and half filled bags around the arms and legs until the weight is right. Lash everything together well, and start wrapping it in strips of sheets and blankets or closed cell foam (goodwill blankets would probably be a lot cheaper) to fill it out and add bulk. From there, drop it into a set of cammies and hopefully it'll hold up. It's just an idea and I'd love to here any other suggestions out there for anyone who's gone through this trial and error process before. Thanks
Jon Cross
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