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Re: Help with Deadlift Form

Originally Posted by Rick Morris View Post
I have never been able to do deadlifts properly. I have very tight hamstrings that don't respond to stretching. My back is also not straight to begin with. I know people recommend Romanian deadlifts, but when I try them I can't keep my back straight and it just doesn't feel right. I found the trap bar at the gym today and made a video. Be thankful for any feedback. Thanks.

If it's a lost cause, I'll just continue not deadlifting.

To be honest, I didn't see anything wrong with your lifts....If you haven't found success doing conventional deads, then I'd suggest sticking with the Hex bar.

It will train your quads more but you can use it to refine your technique.

Post a video using a standard barbell, and the forum can better provide guidance.
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