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Re: Who has experimented with doing this?

Originally Posted by Vickie Ellickson View Post
I'm going to disagree with my buddy Pearse on this. If you are only doing one or two different lifts and it's not an insane amount of volume (roughly over 20 working reps), doing it immediately following a jiu jitsu class isn't the worst thing, especially on the days when class lasts one hour. I wouldn't try to lift after the 2hr Tue/Thu classes. Maybe fit the bodyweight workouts in on those days, but you may not get much out of it.
That's the key for me here.

He's already only lifting 2days a week, with a SHOTGUN BLAST program. I'd be amazed even following it to a tee that he's getting anything good out of it.

Doing one or two exercises following a fight workout isn't going to give any gains either. The volume doing a total of 4 lifts a week isn't going to do anything except give him the false mental sense of doing more work.

The idea of Pearse and my recommendation to spread the workouts to give your body a fresh hit at the strength workout is QUALITY OF WORKOUT. After a quality roll, your energy will be drained and muscles hot.

So it's brutal honesty time: What are you trying to accomplish by lifting weights? Are you wanting to gain strength? Build size? Just maintain strength? Or mentally believe you're doing something productive, even if you aren't?

There are proven methods for gaining strength to supplement fight training. There are proven methods for maintaining strength to supplement fight training. None of them involve piggy-backing workouts on top of eachother or involve ultra-minimalist programming.
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