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Re: Against the Current

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You are correct, it is not ideal for performance in hiit. So the recommendations will really depend on the OPs goals. Interestingly a there are studies showing that a ketogenic diet is very beneficial for endurance athletes, once metabolically efficient our bodies can run almost solely on fat during aerobic exercise.
This is debatable. It is certainly true you increase fat usage at 50-60% THR, but at the speeds a competitive race is taking place this would false unless of course fat is all you have to use because your glycogen stores are next to nothing. The reason for this is having to engage a combination of muscle fibers and not just slow twitch ones to run at these speeds. The fact that carbohydrates improve athletic performance is near inescapable. Again, it depends as you say on the goals of the OP. I obviously believe carbohydrates are not evil.
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