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Re: Against the Current

Originally Posted by Bill M. Hesse View Post
And the recommendation you gave is not for athletes. It will depend on if the OP wants to maintain his workload or not.

I would recommend eating 2,000-2,300 calories a day and trying to track your food as best you can. Eat oats, brown rice, and potatoes for you carb sources. Limit sugars, and maintain increased protein intake to promote satiety. If you continue your workload under these restriction you should lose fat no questions asked. Fast if you want but stop if it leads to your over eating when breaking the fast. Lastly, eating a lot of vegetables can help you to feel full and consume less calories.
You are correct, it is not ideal for performance in hiit. So the recommendations will really depend on the OPs goals. Interestingly a there are studies showing that a ketogenic diet is very beneficial for endurance athletes, once metabolically efficient our bodies can run almost solely on fat during aerobic exercise.
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