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Re: How do You use the work out of the day?

Theres plenty of ways to experiment with crossfit if you want to add a bit more bodybuilding "shaping" movements.

The obvious move is to add more strength work on top of the wods. If you're on par with someone like Rich Froning or Orlando then smashing through 5 wods in a day will be more than enough to leave out any additional "bodybuilding" work. Yes they're not bodybuilders but have pretty impressive physiques.

Heres an example of how id modify a crossfit workout with bb-ing approach.

5 x 5 or 4 x 8 - 10reps on Military press + Bent over row or Arnold Press + t-bar row.

After a short rest go for FRAN

Shoulders and back smashed...

Another one you could do is "LINDA" followed by a short break and then 4 x 8 - 10 on Incline bench and 3 x 15 Cable flys

Legs, some back and Chest smashed...

Of course adding work before a wod will affect your performance and you have to have solid recovery to able to manage additional work after completing a workout like LINDA
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