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Re: Anders' log

Yesterday was more or less a rest day for me. I was home all day reading but did 10 pull ups (dead hang) every hour – ending up at a 75-80 in total.
In the evening I had a football match, but since I’m goalkeeper I didn’t tax my body to much (apart from 40mins of warming up).

Today was another story!

Met up with my buddies Kræn and Jonas at 11am.
We started with some strength and technique work and finished with a brutal (!) metcon.

Bench press 4x3 (same weight across)
Good mornings 4x10

I originally intended to do 4x4 bench presses, but couldn’t remember my stats in the BP. I decided to do 80kg/176lbs - which I thought was my 5RM. I only managed to get 3 reps in the 1st set. After another consideration, I figured out, that 80kg was my previous 1RM. I haven’t done bench press for a least 1½ months, so i’m actually quite satisfied with the 3 reps. I managed to get 3 reps of 80kg in all of the 4 sets. 3rd set was a massive grindfest!

I’ve never done good mornings as a strength piece before (I use it often in my warm ups – 20kg). Therefore I played it safe and did 20-30-40-50kgs (88lbs-110lbs).
Nice to try something new.

The metcon:
Inspired by CFNE’s ”Manhandler”
5 AMRAPS of 3mins of:
3 Thrusters (40kg/88lbs)
6 Hang power cleans (40kg/88lbs)
9 KBswings (24kg/53lbs)
1min rest.

I managed to get a total of 13 rounds + 3 thrusters. I can’t remember when a workout was so painful for me. My grip was lost by the first round. I definitely felt ”Mandhandled”!
The metcon had two of my goats in it – thrusters and intervals. Nice to be out of comfort zone.

Tomorrow I’ll be visiting Crossfit Copenhagen’s newest affiliate – Trykkeriet (The Print shop) – I’ll probably play around with some tires and some ropes☺

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