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Lower Spinal Sensitivity and Lower Back Pain

Hi everyone. I first felt pain in these areas on 11-13 and then on 11-17 after foam rolling, contrast showers, and myofascial release with a tennis ball, I was back on my game.

However, I squatted again today (that's what brought about the pain the first time around I believe) and the pain is back.

I have pain in my lower back but the strange thing is that my tailbone / lower spinal column feels very fragile. Similarly, when I get near the "hole" of the squat, it feels as though my spine will snap if I go lower. When I bend over or down now (this is only temporary judging from when I had this pain previously..I think I re-injured myself today or aggravated it) it feels more comfortable for me to brace my hand on my leg rather than just bending down normally.

Anybody have any experience with the same feelings? I rehabbed it pretty well from 11-13 - 11-17, but the squats today brought it right back. Any information on what the injury is / how to prevent it / how to rehab it / other would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

I'd just like to note a few extra things. The lower back pain is mainly on my right lower back. I can bend over with little pain and stand up from a chair with a tight core with no pain.

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