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Mike Riess
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Generating power on the hang power snatch/snatch

In regards to one of the workouts last cycle-

I was having a lot of trouble figuring out where I should be generating my power from on the hang power snatches. I watched the video a few times before i went to workout and thought i had it figured out, but once i hit the gym I just felt like i couldn't generate any true force and was just muscling the bar up with my arms. So, the question- where does the power come from on the hang snatch and really on the snatch in general? I know with snatches from the ground, you generate most of your force from the hips/legs extensions and then essentially pull yourself under the bar (i think this is right). With the hang snatch, since you cut out the ground to hang drive, where do you find the force to get that bar overhead? Thanks..
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