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Steven Stackpole
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Two months into crossfit, the second time doing deadlifts of this sort, that is ramping up to max weight. Prior to this I had done deadlifts, maybe half a dozen times in my life. In the month since our last deadlift session, my DL went up 60 lbs, to 450lbs. I actually felt a little self conscious, hording all the weights the way I was.
When I was done with the deadlifts, I stepped up for some pull-ups, did 10 full dead hang immediately, which is 2 more than Ive ever done, in one set in my life. Then did 4 more of 8-6-6-6.

Always the cynic, I cant honestly say what portion of this increase, is strength, and what is self confidence, but really, it doesnt matter.
Anyhow, thanks to all those involved in the research, and posting of the workouts.
I like others have also learned to soak up anything that Dan John writes or says.
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