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Re: Nutrition and Cancer (Cancer Prevention)

Some of my very mainstream medicine oncologist friends tell their patients with hormone-sensitive tumors to avoid industrial-rasied meat--to stick to grassfed meats and dairy and free range chickens and eggs.

I have reasons to be eating "anti-cancer" as well and here's my program FWIW:

1. The base of my food pyramid is built on vegetables: lots of dark leafy greens and veggies in a wide range of colors.

2. Next is colorful fruits, especially berries.

3. Fish, lots of fish: I eat sardines, salmon, or herring most days of the week, also shellfish.

4. Grassfed meats, free range poultry and eggs.

5. Organic yogurt.

Supplements: Zyflamend and fish oil.

The most important things are to avoid processed foods and industrially-raised animals products.

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