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Re: Nutrition and Cancer (Cancer Prevention)

Hi Patrick
The studies into cancer & nutrition are mind-boggling so here is one aspect that might help you in your quest.
From around 1950’s 3,500 man-made chemicals have found their way into the manufactured food from hormones to antibiotics in meats to grains, many of these chemicals are ‘anti-nutrients’ (AN) meaning they stop nutrients being absorbed & used, or promote excretion.
Many of today’s diseases are caused just as much by AN as by deficiency of nutrients. Approximately of all cancers are associated with AN, from cancer causing chemicals to excessive free radicals from drinking and smoking (just two examples) There comes a time in many people that the body is overwhelmed by these AN & toxins and it can no longer detoxify itself, these toxins start accumulating in faty tissue, common drugs from alcohol to painkillers become increasingly toxic, even once harmless by-products from the body processing carbohydrates accumulate & start causing muscular aches & fatigue.
I don’t know about the USA but in UK on an average year they get through 6 billion alcoholic drinks, 75 billion cigarettes 80 billion painkiller prescriptions and 50 million prescriptions for antibiotics. Plus 400 million litres of pesticides & herbicides are sprayed on food crops even you tap water becomes an issue
We are told that all these chemicals are safe…but over the years your body becomes a walking time bomb. You might even feel as though its just not worth the effort you would be wrong to think this, here are some tips & I am sure many people will give you loads more to sift through

How do you decrease the AN load on you body?
Invest in a good quality water filter
By organic, when not possible or for budget reasons wash or peel fruit and vegetables.
Never deep fry food steam or believe it or not microwave them (can’t wait for the replies to this one)
Don’t use cling film unless it states ‘non-PVC’
Drink alcohol very infrequently (The Good Book says ‘A Little wine is good for the stomach)& avoid smoking or smoky places.
Avoid medical drugs UNLESS they are the only viable option for treating a health problem. If u get frequent infections seek out the underlying cause rather than relying on painkillers or antibiotics.

Hope this helps ..........check out Robb Wolfs site it is very informative
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