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As I understand it, the GM or SLD imposes load at the most appropriate point in the ROM for most atheletic endavours.

The winning post:

"I've gotta say the advantage of the straight legged deadlift over the GHD hip extension is that the greatest moment (which needs the greatest muscle force) occurs when the posterior chain is fully stretched. In the GHD hip extension the greatest moment occurs when the body is in a straight line without a stretch, so there is not much load at the bottom (~90 degree hip bend). Most athletic movements require the most amount of force with a degree of hip bend."

However, Coach has not replaced the GHD back extensions with GMs or SLDs. This is either on purpose or on a list of things to do. If it was deliberate the reason would be that the GHD back extension has greater benefit (compared to GMs or SLDs)for imposing load at the top of the movement and OHS sufficiently covers the warming of the lower back because of the contraction necessary with OHS.

While this explanation borders on isolation of upper-lower back and lower-lower back, its the only thing I can think of.

I would like to be able to explain this accurately, so if there are errors or omissions please clarify.

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