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Coach...I have been really casting about trying to decide where my caloric intake should be. When I calculate your recomendations from the foundations page i am comming up with 22-2500 cals/day. This does not cover theoreticly my BMR let alone activity level, repair etc...or does it? Will the body adapt to this caloric level (become more efficient) and reap the benefits of caloric restriction while maintaining performance and muscle mass?

Related to this is the notion of an optimal bodyweight. Dave Werner and I have bounced this idea around and our take on this is that in things like olyimpic lifting and powerlifting for a given height one will maximize the strength to bodyweight ratio at a certain point (usually pretty heavy compared to a non trained person of the same height). For gymnasts this is also true however one really notices that the upper body is much more developed hypertrophy wise than the lower body. So the crossfit approach may limit ones ultimate achievement as a gymnast (due to significant development of the lower body) but one will be a better over all athlete.
Finally the question: has it been your experience that following the nutrition guidelines in the foundations brings one to their ideal bodyweight,and composition to maximize athleticism. If I follow this protocol and drop from 165 to 160 or 155 will I be over all a better athlete?

I have been eating a significant number of calories and have been making very good progress...muscle gain, fat loss, increased power and strength...but am I ultimately cheating myself out fo some benefits?

Sorry this is so long!
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