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Re: Deadlifts: drop or put down?

Originally Posted by Tyler Schaeffer View Post
When my coach sees someone drop a deadlift, he says a lift has two parts, up and down, or down and up
How about a Clean + Jerk? Or a throw? Just because something has traditionally been done one way, does not make it the right. I'm not necessarily saying it is wrong, only that it is faulty reasoning.

Originally Posted by Doug Lantz View Post
I would tend to think that dropping the bar could also lead to injury from the instant relaxation.
I have never heard of this, and I REALLY don't think so. That seems pretty silly to me.

Originally Posted by Doug Lantz View Post

Seldom in real life do we pick something up and drop it.
So? Seldom in life do we pick 500lbs off the ground at all... or squat with something 5 times, or a myriad of other things we do everyday in WODs. We are working to develop peak athletic performance not to duplicate the things we do in everyday life.

Deadlifting heavy is super taxing on my CNS. It often takes me a couple days to adequately recover, and the eccentric portion of the lift is the biggest culprit. I have experimented with only doing the positives and dropping the negatives in training and find that I recover much better that way. I don't ever plan to enter powerlifting comps, but if I did, I really wouldn't be concerned with not being able to lower a weight that I just picked up.
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