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Re: Parkour and CrossFit

Interesting article, thanks for the link Chris.
It seems as if the posters don't really have an idea of what Crossfit is trying to achieve. They should probably try Crossfit for a bit and see what they think then.
Since I Crossfit but don't do Parkour I'm not really qualified to compare the two.

I think the best person to answer the posters would be Jesse Woody from
He is both a Crossfitter and a Traceur.

Whether or not they Crossfit, most of the Traceurs I've seen are in tremendous shape and I respect their dedication.

Reading more of the post(but not yet all) I am struck by how civil the posters are for the most part. It's reminds me of these boards where we can discuss and disagree and remain civil.

Are you by chance Phreaknite, Chris? If so you brought up some good points.

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