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Parkour and CrossFit

Hailllll Crossfitters.....

I am an avid member of a few different parkour communities and, whether or not you know anything about the sport, i feel that you may have some strong opinions on this...

Here is a link to a thread about CrossFit and its influence on parkour.

The parkour community on this site, for some reason, believes that CrossFit will kill the spirit of parkour, because, and I quote:

The idea of being useful, of reclaiming human movement, of reclaiming the urban environment, and of every minutia of Parkour's philosophy and Parkour's spirit.. will die with CrossFit.
I found this alarming. Parkour practitioners, called Traceurs, from this site, believe that CrossFit does not have the goals of being useful, reclaiming human movement or reclaiming the urban environment.

Anyone who is a real crossfit aficionado would have their jaw hit the floor if they knew that people honestly thought that CrossFit did not have these very goals.

Here is another alarming quote:

In addition to this, the manner of conditioning that occurs in Parkour lacks in human movement. While CF strives to avoid isolation, it also lacks the dynamism of conventional "Parkour" conditioning (not that there is necessarily a tradition there). X reps of Y sets is a methodology that was sought to be eliminated by Parkour... And CrossFit, as well, because it didn't serve as being functional. However, what resulted was that CrossFit kept this manner of counting and measuring, and simply combined multiple exercises together to avoid "isolation." In the end, what you have is a series of full-bodied exercises that link togetehr chains of muscles, yet still lacks the dynamic quality of pure human movement. The numbers game is effective and useful, but only so far. Movement is what matters, and while I'm not suggesting that we all go out and practice Parkour every day (thus damaging our bodies in the long run), but find ways of conditioning that are made up of movement and continually asks the brain and the body to work together to navigate different terrain in different manners. But even when CrossFit assimilates this methodology, as well, it will still forego the mental aspects of Parkour in favour of being purely minded upon fitness.
This poster seems to think that we are simply doing multiple exercises in our circuits just to avoid isolation.....never mind the effects of increasing VO2 max, increasing lactate threshold, increasing focus and concentration and increasing muscular endurance.

I would appreciate anyone who helps me out in educating these Traceurs on the true nature of CrossFit. I think it will really help both communities.
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