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Re: Foundations Curriculum

Hi All,

First, big thanks to Allan for sharing his hard work. If there is a big call for it, I can cobble together a 'white board' for online collab for this, but between working for GloboGym and catering and family and Recon Ron and.. you get the idea.

Two files, 'foundations.rar' (up and ready) and 'foundations_older_PPT.rar' (uploading now, should be up in a couple minutes) are located at
password: pukie

bandwidth really shouldn't be an issue, nor should consecutive downloads, if it does go pear shaped give me a shout and I will mirror them on another server.



Originally Posted by Allan Luomala View Post
David Wallach has been kind enough to host these files on his server, so that should make it somewhat easier to get access to the files. He just has to upload the files for the older versions of Powerpoint (97 - 2003), and then it will just be a matter of people inputting the user name and password (for his site), which will be his decision to post here, or have sent via PM (to minimize on bandwidth used, but that would cause more work for he (or I) to individually email people with the information).

As I mentioned previously, I will have to go in and make a proper bibliography at some point, and also make any changes to where I may have screwed something up. So, it may end up be a matter of having to download the whole shooting match all over again (not so desirable) or downloading the updated files, and a change-log being available so that any changes made are explained and/or readily apparent (i.e make minor changes on your own, or download a completely new version, etc).

I'm sure that there is likely a much better process for all of this, and if anybody has a suggestion to make it so, please advise, as I like to learn better ways to do any given thing, and it would only help the community out in the long run. I think a web-based presentation would be one solution (allows for quick updates, and the information isn't "dated"), but that isn't so good for those that don't have internet access wherever they are presenting (this was the case when I made my initial presentation). Maintaining 2 versions (online and offline, and having the ability to log-in occasionally and check for updates) is beyond my current skill-set, but is something I have been kicking around in the back of my mind, so it may be something that I pursue as a side project, and everyone ends up being a winner: I do the work, and you (and your students/clients) reap the benefits!!

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