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I want all women interested or even thinking they aren't interested in CrossFit to bring their attention to this thread.

My friend, Susan Robinson, has started a business called REAL Women Enterprises. Susan is an amazingly motivational, inspiring woman who has a deep desire to inspire others to be who they want to be, to show others what is possible for their lives, to open up doors to them so they can realize their potential in anything they want for themselves. Her business is geared toward doing just that for women.

This is what REAL Women Enterprises is about:
REAL Women Enterprises supports women ages 15 and above to identify skills and experiences they want to live a life they love. REAL Women Enterprises offers seminars, coaching and mentoring, and organizes outings/expeditions/adventures for women who want to broaden what is possible for themselves amidst women who are supportive, creative, and inspriring. Through participation in REAL Women Seminars, each woman hones skills that empower her in all areas of her life and allow her to see new opportunities, make choices for herself, and intentionally create a life she loves.

REAL Women Enterprises is going to hold a class for women to learn about CrossFit, and you need to be there. Click here to learn the details about REAL Women CrossFit:

There will be women CrossFit trainers sharing their knowledge, skills, experience, backgrounds, stories about how they themselves started doing CrossFit, why CrossFit is important for women and how women are important to CrossFit.

Come, bring a friend or family member, be inspired, learn how to take your life in a whole new direction, meet other amazing women such as yourselves, meet my friend Susan and see what is possible for yourselves. You'll be glad you did.

"Stop trying to fix yourself. You are unfixable. Transcend yourself and do something that makes a difference for others through your contribution. This is the true path to happiness."

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